Reflections on Love

I was explaining to a friend recently why Turner’s landscapes are among my favourite paintings. I love the savage beauty of nature, as he depicts it. Something about his wild impartial skies and wild, alien landscapes resonates with my soul. Whenever we look at a piece of art, we only tangentially see the artist. What... Continue Reading →

Avoiding The Void

I am suspicious of hedonism: somehow it is a lie. Now I do not believe myself to be any more incapable of lying than the next person, but I do hold integrity as one of my core values: I do not believe that one can live a fulfilled life when one is consciously living a... Continue Reading →

What Are You Looking For The Devil For?

When I was younger, many in the church were fearful of a process called backmasking. There was much concern that certain (usually metal) bands were leaving subliminal Satanic messages on their albums, which you could hear if you played songs backwards.  One of my favourite gospel bands at the time, Petra, decided to do some... Continue Reading →

Why Christians Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Art

I believe that those who refuse to read certain books, or listen to certain types of music, on the basis that they are not “Christian”, are on dangerous theological ground. Such refusal reflects – in my opinion -  a fundamental misunderstanding of  the Biblical concepts of law and grace. It also neglects to take into... Continue Reading →

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