The Inconvenience of Facts

Facts are so inconvenient. They have an annoying habit of asking you to rethink your worldview. And rethinking worldviews is not something people generally like to do. In fact, we hate it so much that we will go to almost any lengths to avoid it. It takes a great deal of intellectual courage to stare... Continue Reading →

Reluctantly Hopeful

Today I want to respond to a comment on my last post. I had been talking about the Eucharist as a central symbol of the new way in which Christianity wanted to frame culture. I bemoaned the fact that in the way we practice it today we more or less completely miss the power of... Continue Reading →

The Myth of the Autonomous Self

In my opinion, perhaps the greatest obstacle to a sound theology is a flawed conceptualisation of personhood. Cultural and religious systems the world over (and I follow René Girard’s line of thought here, that religion is primarily functional rather than spiritual, and religious systems can be entirely secular – the gods being entirely incidental) operate... Continue Reading →

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