Imaginary Gods

Something you learn as you get older is that there is no limit to human ingenuity. Another thing you learn is that there is also no limit to the human capacity for acting completely insensibly. Popular culture is rife with examples of both. Sometimes in the same example. Italian (con-?)artist Salvatore Garau recently managed to... Continue Reading →

Why Are Christians So Afraid of Art?

Why are Christians so afraid of art and literature?  I have worked in education all of my adult life, and if there is one thing I can guarantee, it is that if I prescribe a text with any hint of magic, sex, or swearing (funnily enough, violence is usually less of an issue)there will be... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to Jane Austen: Let’s Be Sensible

I know that Jane Austen’s novels have much literary merit. She confronts social injustice with a sensitivity and occasionally very subtle and sardonic humour that few can match. She is justifiably considered to be one of the pre-eminent minds of her time. Even 200 years later, in countries and cultures far removed from Victorian England,... Continue Reading →

Reveling in Transience: Thoughts Inspired by Cheese

Everything you need to know about installation art would have been evident to you had you ever had the (probably quite surreal) opportunity of seeing (and certainly smelling) Dieter Roth’s Staple Cheese (A Race), which was part of his exhibition in Los Angeles’  Eugenia Butler Gallery in 1970. The work consisted of 37 suitcases of... Continue Reading →

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