Where Evangelism Goes Wrong

In recognition of yesterday’s being Pentecost, and because I have been reflecting a lot on the early church lately, I want to talk about evangelism today. It is, in many ways, at the centre of the church’s activities, and indeed should be. Still, as with many of the modern church’s practices, I feel that we... Continue Reading →


There’s Something About Mary

National Geographic recently published an article about Mary, the mother of Jesus, describing her as the world’s most influential woman. Certainly she is a powerful figure, capturing the imaginations of millions and an icon to many of devotion, faith, strength and purity.  I am aware, of course, that since we know so little about her,... Continue Reading →

Heritage Day: Reflecting on What Matters

I have been told that I am overreacting when I express criticism of how we celebrate Heritage Day (September 24th in South Africa). I truly love the concept of Heritage Day. Knowing how the currents of history have influenced the space in which we find ourselves provides invaluable insight into who we are, both as... Continue Reading →

Against New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. People who need to make them are either not committed enough to make the desired change, or have no strategy for effecting the change, thus ensuring failure. It requires serious dedication to break a bad habit and reforge a new one. Not a vague, whimsical suspicion that one’s... Continue Reading →

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