Mapping Jesus Part 4: Torah

We can be sure of one thing: Jesus never read the Bible. Not as we know it anyway: the Bible as we know it would only come into existence around 400 years after Jesus. However, he would have studied Torah, and he would have studied from within a Jewish tradition of Torah study. Needless to... Continue Reading →


Mapping Jesus Part 3: Chosen

Like so many other important wisdoms, we have read it on the backs of sugar packets or pasted onto nauseating memes so many times that we tend to overlook the truth the statement contains: life is a journey. The important things in life are always journeys, not events. The events may mark milestones along the... Continue Reading →

Mapping Jesus Part 1: Metanarratives

The problem nowadays is that every Christian claims to have a Christ-centred theology. Not that a Christ-centred theology is a bad thing, mind you. I would argue that if Christianity is not Jesus-centred it is absolutely worthless. The problem is not with the concept of placing Jesus at the centre of our sense-making when it... Continue Reading →

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