On Humility

Some of those who know me well may see the irony in the fact that I am choosing to write a post on humility. Still, I think humility is a much underrated virtue, and one that seems largely to have been lost in the modern world, where it is misconstrued as weakness. Because capitalist society... Continue Reading →


The Necessity Of Leaving Room For Doubt

One of my pupils recently asked me to list my ten favourite books. It is an unfair question to ask an English teacher. I have read literally thousands of books and to ask me to narrow the list down to a mere ten seems a tad cruel. And what criteria should I use to make... Continue Reading →

Making Our Children More Human

Our country is facing a real crisis of leadership. It seems that nowadays leaders refuse to take responsibility for their actions; there is little remorse shown when they are caught engaging in morally dubious behaviour, and instead find ways to justify themselves and blame others. And it is not just a political predicament either. Our... Continue Reading →

Just my opinion

There is a disturbing trend developing in society. When confronted with a logically superior argument, one simply has to say: “Well, that’s my opinion.” The idea is that these simple words trump all other arguments. They entirely dismiss years of experience in the field, they disdainfully disregard relevant learning, they have the power to override... Continue Reading →

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